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beach 2

Shoo.. just back from vacation and the time off was so nice. I could really get use to being lazy (must play the lotto more often). We took a little trip to North Myrtle Beach and had such a relaxing time. We hung out at the beach a couple days, took a deep sea fishing trip (my favorite), messed around at a couple of very small amusement parks, lounged at the pool, and ate some seafood. I even took a nap one day, something I rarely ever do. We “took it easy” as they say. I really enjoyed myself. The beach, however, is not my family’s favorite place to vacation. Aaron likes the Outer Banks, mostly for the fishing, but Alyssa prefers the action of rollercoasters. She just needs to grow a few several more inches to be able to ride the good ones. Maybe next year…

beach 6

Or the year after next.


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