Five and a Half Knitters

Guess what? I actually went to the World Wide Knit in Public event that I talked about! I had a lot of fun too! There weren’t too many of us, only six..well, truth be told, I only count as half a knitter.. I have much to learn yet…But these ladies were all so nice and very tolerant of my inabilities. Here’s some pics..
knit 1

knit 2

knit 3

knit 4

The projects they were working on were just amazing. Two were making little girl knit dresses (using two different colors.. I can only dream of knowing how to do such a thing), baby hats, scarfs, gorgeous blankets, and socks. And guess what else? They meet every Tuesday night and they invited me to come along. Yeah! This Fall they have plans to teach everyone to knit socks. Another Yeah!

Friends that knit, this is so exciting. I’ll have someone to talk to about where to buy yarn, which needles are best, free patterns, cool websites…


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  1. I could be very jealous of your new group of friends, but instead I’m happy for you. (Less energy…better energy 🙂

    I hope you learn much and enjoy every minute of it.

    You won the Common Sense giveaway on my blog. How about emailing your snail mail address so I can send your book on its way.

    Happy 4th!

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