Craft Hope

While hopping around the crafting blogs I spotted a sidebar button that I’d never seen before..Craft Hope so I clicked it and low and behold it introduced me to a lovely lady and her daughters who are making a difference in the lives of little children throughout the world. The idea is very simple.. encourage crafters to do what they love and then to donate a piece or two to their cause. I think most of us want to help others and don’t mind a bit to to spend a little time making something to’s the leg work that stops us.. finding the charity, making the contact, having enough items to make it worthwhile, and so on.. So sadly, we never do it.. but that’s where Craft Hope comes in.. they do all the hard stuff.. All we have to do is make the stuff and send it to them.. Easy as pie, right? They don’t care if you have one item to give or a hundred.. When we all come together, it’s enough.. So, immediatly I knew I was on board. The project they’re working on now is for The Miracle Foundation. They’re asking for handmade blankets, beanies and booties. If you think you might be interested stop in and check it out.. If blankets, beanies and booties aren’t your thing or maybe currently you just don’t have the time? No problem, they introduce new projects all the time. You pick the projects you have time for and skip those you don’t. So I encourage you..Go, check it out! Craft Hope – spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time.



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3 responses to “Craft Hope

  1. That is really cool! Now I’m going to hop over there and check it out too 🙂

    PS enjoying your block pictures too. Sorry I haven’t commented much lately!

  2. *Sorry for the delay in comment reply.. I think Craft Hope is an awesome idea too. It’s so easy that I couldn’t refuse. Already started on my blanket. & girl, don’t worry about the lack of comments.. I love them but I also know how life can suck you in… You had a give-a-way and I totally missed it. So.. no worries about no comments, k? Be careful in your travels!!*

  3. Hi nice website.

    Check this site :

    Amazing videos of true miracles.

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