Just Hoppin’ Along…Without a Clue

BOM #6

Bunny Hill’s free BOM…We’re half way home with block #6. Wait a minute… It’s June and we’re half way home? You mean half of the year is already gone? Can you believe it? It seems like an eternity waiting for BH’s new block to be posted on the 5th of every month.. and now here we are.. half finished? And doesn’t it feel like we just finish up our Christmas crafts? Honestly people, where does the time go? Now that I’m realizing that half the year is gone, I’m also realizing that my “Goals” for the year are far from being accomplished. Sigh… I’m beginning to think that I need to stop taking on new projects and start sticking to the ones I’ve already got planned…or maybe I just need to look into joining some sort of craftaholic anonymous meetings. I’m seriously way too in love with making things.



Filed under quilting, Sewing

2 responses to “Just Hoppin’ Along…Without a Clue

  1. Another winner! I really like your originals, too. I can easily see your progress. Later, oxo

  2. *Hey Judy! Thanks, I’m coming along.. I’m much better on speed now than I was on the first block and my blind stitch is getting better too.. But I think I need to focus on placement in the next block..my pieces always get a little off. *

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