In Public?

wwkipsouthpacificsYep! It all happens June 13th & 14th and 20th & 21st. I had no idea this was an upcoming event in my area, let alone a world wide phenomenon..Well, phenomenon might be reaching a bit.. but it is world wide. A friend of mine sent me a link for the info in my area and I’m thinking about going. It’s totally out of my character to “go out” on my own. I’m a very shy person by nature and crowds are not my thing.. so just thinking about entering a room with a bunch of people I don’t know kinda makes me anxious. But, I really, really want to find some friends (the tangible offense to any of you wonderful bloggers out there :)) that enjoy the same hobbies that I do. Sewing, crochet, knitting.. it’s all stuff we do at ourselves. I want to do it in public and with friends! And that is exactly why there is a world wide knit in public day. You can check it all out here……….. Anyway, I don’t wanna chicken out.. I really wanna go.


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