Home Alone

This weekend I was home alone for a total of 30 hours. And I enjoyed ever single minute. Last week’s VBS confirmed what I already knew… I am not a go-er. By Friday I had a sore throat, black circles under my eyes, and my stomach was upset. This girl needs her downtime. So to have 30 hours of quite time was just what the doctor ordered. I spend most of it cleaning my filthy house.. but I didn’t mind because there were no interruptions and everything I put up stayed up…there’s nothing more frustrating than putting away seven pairs of shoes only to come back downstairs an hour later and see half of them back out. Gggg, I hate that.

ice cream block 2 So, the house was cleaned.. and later that evening I found time to finish up my second Ice Cream Block. I still find it hard to believe that I never attempted applique until this year. And now..once I start a block I have to make myself stop. Who knew I’d love it so much? I should probably be practicing free motion quilting too. Once I get these blocks complete and put together I’ve got to know how to quilt them correctly, right? To do..to do.. I’ll get to it sooner or later.



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2 responses to “Home Alone

  1. Well…I HAD to look at your blog as my nickname is Goosey! I am enjoying looking at the stuff you have made and like you I just like to make and create things.

  2. *Hey Goosey! I love nicknames.. everyone in my house has one..including the dogs. My Goosie is my daughter..poor thing got the name before she ever left the hospital. When I was trying to pick a name for this blog Goosie Girl’s just kinda stuck. Glad you stopped in to look around.*

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