Going With the Flow

Let me say straight up that I really love it when a pattern comes together perfectly.. no seam rippers or re-doing. Using a pattern eliminates a lot of headache in the long run.. But, on the other hand, I really, really love piecing things together to make it look like I think it should look. For me, this “piecing” is one of the most fulfilling aspects of the creative process. Yes, it’s often frustrating but in the end the rewards are so much greater. To be able to stand back and look at something and say, I made that totally on my own…what great satisfaction. And this need to be on my own is one of the forces behind a new quilt that I’ve finally started. I’ve been playing around with it in my drawing journal for a while…ever since I was bitten by that applique bug (thanks to Bunny Hill’s free BOM – I love her!) It started with a root beer can on my kitchen counter and from that I’ve come up with nine different blocks.
This would be the first completed block. It’s not the original root beer-inspired block..that one’s next..this block was the largest, so I picked it first. I can see that I’m going to experience some of that frustration I was talking about because of my different block sizes.. but I’ve already started to think about how I can make it all work.
(big huge sigh with a little grin)…The process… it makes me happy.



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2 responses to “Going With the Flow

  1. I’ve never seen anything like it! The black polka dots look great.

  2. Thanks! I like the contrast too…it makes the other fabrics really pop. I’m just hoping that when it’s all said and done my daughter likes it. The finished quilt is suppose to be for her bed. I’ve got my fingers crossed :).

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