Long Weekend

camp1How’d you spend your Memorial Day weekend?

Mine was packed full but the biggest adventure was definitely our camping trip.

It was fun to hang out with friends..and even make a few new ones.

I wasn’t there for all the festivities but we (meaning they :)) fished and rode motorcycles and 4-whcamp2eelers.. and we (meaning me ;)) ate way too much…

We had a shrimp boil, hamburgers and hot dogs, and smoked BBQ pork and chicken. You know when your belly tells you it’s time to stop eating but you just keep on because your mouth likes it so well? Well, that’s the kind of eating I’m talking about. It was deLish.

I didn’t sleep too well though.. thecamp3 lone cry of a coyote just across the river kept me from it. Keep in mind this river is the same river I watch my own dog swim across just hours before. I spent most of the night listening for the whole pack to arrive.  Of course they didn’t. But it was still a little scary.


By this picture you can see that no camp is complete without facilities. 🙂

All in all, it was a great time! But, I came straight home and took a three hour nap! Camping is exhausting… even if I just sat around, blabbed, and stitched. (I’ll show you pictures of that later this week.)


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