Having Fun

I am so grateful to Anne at BunnyHill for spreading the love with her free BOM. I’m having so much fun with these blocks. As I said earlier, this is really my first go-round with applique… I’m learning so much…mostly thru trial and error.. because I’m too lazy to research. This month I learned that I should tack top pieces (flower dots) to the the main piece (flower) before stitching them to the main block. See it?

I messed up on the lighter pink flower. The dot is very off centered. I don’t mind too much though.. it adds character ;). Here they are all together.

I’m still not crazy about block 2 with it’s “yellow” basket. It sticks out like a sore thumb. I might go back and re-do that one. ?? I’ll decide later, after I’ve added a few more blocks. And, I’m also glad that I had a little fabric left over from my skirt so I could pull in some more brown. I SO LOVE DOING THIS!!!!



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2 responses to “Having Fun

  1. Looking good! You will have a quilt to be proud of. The latest block just might be my favorite.

  2. It’s so good to hear from you!!! I know, right, these little blocks are so darn cute it’s hard to wait for the next one. I believe they have started me on a new obsession. & I’m also having a hard time staying away from the flickr group. Flickr… well, that’s a whole other obsession. Too much eye candy makes it hard to focus. 🙂

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