May Flowers and Scary Weather

This is what I’ve been up to the last couple weeks…






May Flowers..  At my last house I had 11 rose bushes. I loved them all. But when I moved to my new house, almost 5 years ago, there were none, except a few wild rose bushes in the fence line. I’ve debated with myself about planting some.. “They’re so pretty.. they’re so much work.. they smell lovely.. they’re so much work.”  Anyone who has roses knows what I’m talking about.

But this year for my birthday my mom bought me 2 KnockOut rose bushes. I’ve heard they’re super easy to care for and just as pretty as the Hybrid Tea.

So far, it’s been hard to tell what they’re going to do…We’ve had lots and lots of rain with very little direct sun…

And we had an “almost” tornado. Tornados usually don’t make it to our area..too many mountains.. but it got pretty close this time.



When I lived in Arkansas we had plenty.. so I know what kind of damage they can do…one took down half of my neighbor’s chicken house when I was about about 13yrs. They’re mean and very, very scary.


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