Hidden Treats

What’s that? No, not the sewing junk strung everywhere.


Can you see it now?


Oh, that!


Yes, that! Here’s my latest doggie dilemma. Awhile back we had a cold snap so I let Zoe stay inside while we were away.. just showin’ her the love. When we returned I walked in to find my kitchen island shelf completely pull down, a teapot broken, and tons of snacks “hidden” throughout the house. Needless to say, Mama was not happy, and Zoe was in trouble, big time.

The next morning Goose and I gathered up our junk and proceeded to the vehicle once again. But this time Zoe was not awarded the privilege of inside domain. Her big ol’ butt was out. No love that day…I have a tendency to hold a grudge :). She didn’t even get her bone, as she does every morning when we leave.

As we waited in the driveway for our carpool buddy, I noticed Fat Girl coming around the side of the house… with a Ding-Dong in her mouth. (still in the wrapper for those of you freaking because my dog was about to consume chocolate.. she doesn’t eat the snacks, just hides them – everywhere). She stops directly in front of me and glares.. as if to say, “You know exactly where you can go Mom.” If she were capable of flashing a middle finger she would have.

I’m tellin ya, this dog is smart… and smartaleck.



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