Weekend Ramblings

I’d love to show you the great skirt I made this weekend but.. I didn’t make one (there’s a reason).. so now I’m stumped with what to talk with you about. I debated on posting a recipe but I think I’ll just bore you with my real life.

Saturday was beautiful and fun..and packed full with get-together preparations. Aaron had friends over.. guy TV fighting stuff. I can’t stand to watch that junk. So after the meal & chit-chat I escaped to the bedroom for a little doodling. I’m thinking about quilt design. I’m not overly crazy about country quilts. I want something cutesy and with applique (I’m totally loving applique right now.) I managed to put something on paper..now I need to think math and sizing. Blah.. math is was never my best subject – never.

And yesterday was less than fun. It rained, so I sanded the walls of my unfinished dining room. Next, paint the ceiling. (Pulling teeth I tell ya. Hate it!) Then, I set out to make myself that skirt I mention above.. but, my scissors are missing.. the good ones! Scissors and scotch tape are hot commodities around my house. I think Goose might have gotten my creative gene. Anyway, I looked everywhere for those things.. even talked to them pretty poorly..”If you don’t show yourself now, I’ll just go buy some new ones!”… ;). At the end of the day, nothing new was made. I feel incomplete.

So my pretty pictures of the day are of what I caught in my backyard this morning…


Happy Monday!



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2 responses to “Weekend Ramblings

  1. You’re so lucky to wake up to that every morning. Beautiful!

  2. You are so right. I’m a blessed girl. God has given me far more than I deserve.

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