Easter Dress

Fabric: MidWest Modern by Amy Butler
Pattern: Butterick See & Sew B4957

My plan originally was to make a skirt but then I remembered I had the pattern..bought it last fall on clearance. So, as it all worked out…This dress was born.


Last year I had plans for an Easter dress but the weather was so miserable that I made a purse instead. So, making one this year was a must. I’m not known for making clothes because they usually don’t turn out very well.. But this pattern came together, quick and easy. It hangs fairly decent (It would hang better if my hips weren’t in the way).Β The only problem I have with it is the bust area. It’s a little big, even the straps look a bit large. Something’s wrong but I’m not sure what. ?? It’ll still work though. Odds are I’ll probably wear a sweater with it anyway. Unless it snows, and then I’ll wear something that goes with black boots. πŸ™‚



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6 responses to “Easter Dress

  1. That dress looks really good on you. I love that Amy Butler!

    I totally forgot about making an Easter dress for me because I got so caught up in the ones I made for my girls…….hmmmmm what can I hurry and whip up?

  2. Looks great! It does look a little baggy in the bosom. It’s so hard to get a perfect fit. The sash really makes it.

  3. Great dress, Renee. Modern day patterns are a pain with one pattern for 6 sizes…You need a dress form. They make fitting much easier.

    I love the bag, too.

  4. Eek. I think my DH might choke me if I brought home a dress form. If I keep adding to my sewing, crafting collection we might just have to add on to the house. πŸ™‚ But you’re right Judy, it’s obvious that my hips are a size or two larger than my bust. I chose my largest measurement to pick which size to cut. Maybe I should have scaled the top portion down. Or, maybe I should go on a diet! πŸ™‚ Clothing is not my specialty. But I think my problem might actually lay with the top to bottom attachment – I’m going to try to take the slack up there. We’ll see.

  5. Dee

    Hi, I too have problems fitting patterns. Does this pattern have a lenghten-shorten line on the bodice pattern peice. It looks like maybe it’s just a little to long in the bodice. Maybe is you fold a little on the lenghten-shorten line of the pattern, that it might take up the extra fabric. Maybe try putting the dress on wrong side out and pin up the extra fabric to see if it fixes the problem. Just a thought. It really is a pretty dress and I think I might just have to buy it for myself. Dee

  6. I think you’re right! After wearing it I had the same thought. As soon as I have time, maybe this weekend, I’m going to tackle it one more time. Thanks for your suggestion!

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