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Hidden Treats

What’s that? No, not the sewing junk strung everywhere.


Can you see it now?


Oh, that!


Yes, that! Here’s my latest doggie dilemma. Awhile back we had a cold snap so I let Zoe stay inside while we were away.. just showin’ her the love. When we returned I walked in to find my kitchen island shelf completely pull down, a teapot broken, and tons of snacks “hidden” throughout the house. Needless to say, Mama was not happy, and Zoe was in trouble, big time.

The next morning Goose and I gathered up our junk and proceeded to the vehicle once again. But this time Zoe was not awarded the privilege of inside domain. Her big ol’ butt was out. No love that day…I have a tendency to hold a grudge :). She didn’t even get her bone, as she does every morning when we leave.

As we waited in the driveway for our carpool buddy, I noticed Fat Girl coming around the side of the house… with a Ding-Dong in her mouth. (still in the wrapper for those of you freaking because my dog was about to consume chocolate.. she doesn’t eat the snacks, just hides them – everywhere). She stops directly in front of me and glares.. as if to say, “You know exactly where you can go Mom.” If she were capable of flashing a middle finger she would have.

I’m tellin ya, this dog is smart… and smartaleck.



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New Skirt

I found my scissors…they were exactly where they were suppose to be, turned on their side instead of laying flat.. Poor little Goose got the blame for their disappearance..gulp..sorry Goosie. But once they were discovered, I got going on my new skirt.


I made it with help from “Sew What-Skirts”, love that book, so easy to follow. The fabric is Anna Maria Horner’s Good Folks. I went to a wedding for that. Huh, you ask? It’s true. My favorite quilting shop is a little haul from my house, so when I was invited to a wedding in the same town as the shop… Well, how could I pass that wedding up? The bride was beautiful.. but the shop was a very close second. πŸ™‚ I get giddy every time I walk in.. there’s just so much to choose from & it’s the good stuff too. I’m thinking this might be the summer for skirts.

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Weekend Ramblings

I’d love to show you the great skirt I made this weekend but.. I didn’t make one (there’s a reason).. so now I’m stumped with what to talk with you about. I debated on posting a recipe but I think I’ll just bore you with my real life.

Saturday was beautiful and fun..and packed full with get-together preparations. Aaron had friends over.. guy TV fighting stuff. I can’t stand to watch that junk. So after the meal & chit-chat I escaped to the bedroom for a little doodling. I’m thinking about quilt design. I’m not overly crazy about country quilts. I want something cutesy and with applique (I’m totally loving applique right now.) I managed to put something on I need to think math and sizing. Blah.. math is was never my best subject – never.

And yesterday was less than fun. It rained, so I sanded the walls of my unfinished dining room. Next, paint the ceiling. (Pulling teeth I tell ya. Hate it!) Then, I set out to make myself that skirt I mention above.. but, my scissors are missing.. the good ones! Scissors and scotch tape are hot commodities around my house. I think Goose might have gotten my creative gene. Anyway, I looked everywhere for those things.. even talked to them pretty poorly..”If you don’t show yourself now, I’ll just go buy some new ones!”… ;). At the end of the day, nothing new was made. I feel incomplete.

So my pretty pictures of the day are of what I caught in my backyard this morning…


Happy Monday!


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One Foot..But No Walking Yet


I’ve wanted one for ages but couldn’t find it within myself to let got of the $25 bucks it was gonna cost me. Finally, they went on sale and today this babe is mine.Β  Now, I just have to learn to use it…but first, I should probably take a class on how to put it on my machine… Oh, the technicalities. Wish me luck!


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BOM #4

I think I’m in love with applique. Really in love! Once I start a block I can’t stop until it’s done. I even stayed up past my bedtime last Friday just to finish this.

That’s big. My husband can tell you that I never miss the bedtime mark..Never. This sweet, little, bunny basket is Bunny Hill’s April BOM. And now, I’m just hangin’ around waiting for May’s, which won’t be released until the 5th. Time seems to creep…slow as snails.. just 22 1/2 more days!

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Easter Dress

Fabric: MidWest Modern by Amy Butler
Pattern: Butterick See & Sew B4957

My plan originally was to make a skirt but then I remembered I had the pattern..bought it last fall on clearance. So, as it all worked out…This dress was born.


Last year I had plans for an Easter dress but the weather was so miserable that I made a purse instead. So, making one this year was a must. I’m not known for making clothes because they usually don’t turn out very well.. But this pattern came together, quick and easy. It hangs fairly decent (It would hang better if my hips weren’t in the way).Β The only problem I have with it is the bust area. It’s a little big, even the straps look a bit large. Something’s wrong but I’m not sure what. ?? It’ll still work though. Odds are I’ll probably wear a sweater with it anyway. Unless it snows, and then I’ll wear something that goes with black boots. πŸ™‚


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Strange Things with Fabric

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done with fabric?

Me? Well, it goes a little something like this…

Several week’s ago I paid waaay too much money for this fabric… a lambs skin faux.


A few week’s after that my DH and I (mostly him) finished a balance beam that Santa delivered two years ago.


Now, that’s not everyday. πŸ˜‰

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