I Love the 5th!

Regardless of what day it falls on, I’m beginning to think that the 5th is my favorite day of the month. About two weeks prior I find myself thinking about it..circling it on my calander.. talking about it with Goose (she’s the only one who will pretend to be interested :)). The anticipation almost kills me! So, what’s so special about the 5th? Well, it’s the day Bunny Hill Designs posts their free BOM! I’m addicted, I admit it.

Here’s my March block…


and all together…


It’s the little pleasures that make life so fun :)!!!



Filed under quilting, Sewing

3 responses to “I Love the 5th!

  1. They are turning out so great! I can see why you’re hooked. πŸ™‚

  2. Absolutely darling…makes me wish I hadn’t changed my mind. You go girl!

  3. Thank you Ladies! πŸ™‚ I’m having fun with them. I still wish I’d chosen different fabrics.. but at least I’m using some of my old scraps. & don’t you worry Judy, you’ll have plenty of time to sew your own blocks later. It might even be better to wait.. You’ll be able to see the whole thing. For me, that would have helped with my fabric issues.

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