Daily Archives: March 2, 2009

Keeping Warm

This weekend was so cold with shorts bouts of snow flurries most of yesterday. In fact, it’s been bitterly cold for more than two weeks.. Well, “bitterly cold” on terms of what I consider bitterly cold. It never reached 40F yesterday.. Not my idea of perfect weather. I guess that’s why I’ve been a little absorbed with the warmth of yarn. I took a break from my knitting and actually completed a crocheted Tiramisu Blanket by Posy gets Cozy. It still needs the ribbon to finish the pattern, but I think it’s quite lovely even without it.
This is the first pattern I’ve read. Usually I improvise. But pattern reading is a goal of mine for this year so I’m working on it. Not perfect but still not bad for my first go-round.



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