BOM #2


Bunny Hill Designs BOM #2… What is that that you see? It’s “that” yellow fabric again.. But didn’t she say that, after the issues with BOM #1, she wasn’t going to use cheap fabric?

I know..I know.. but I want need my blocks to coordinate. I’m the worst at picking out fabrics. We’re only on block #2 and I’m already obsessing about it. Can you image what I’ll be like when block #12 gets here.

And to make matters that I can stand back and look at it.. I don’t even like the yellow.. it’s too bright.

But on a positive note.. I love my little birds. They’re so sweet and were so easy to do. I’ll need to be careful though.. I can see myself sewing these little birds on to just about everything I make. I just love them.

So what did I learned with block #2? Well, I already knew that I couldn’t pick out fabrics ;).. I learned that applique isn’t as difficult as I originally thought it was going to be. Granted, this is very simple applique, but until now I never thought that I could do it… now I think I can..I just need a little practice.



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3 responses to “BOM #2

  1. cindy

    I love the yellow in it! And the birds are super cute. You make it look so easy.

  2. Looks wonderful! I am almost finished with my 1st one…except for the handstitching. I opted to do mine a little differently than the pattern and will likely continue to do so with the remaining blocks.

  3. CUTE!! I think you are doing a Great job… know that I love that GREEN fabric you used.

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