Why Handmade is Better than Store Bought

Yesterday Goose and I stopped in the local drug store to pick up an extra box of Valentine’s.. She dug around for a bit, pulled out one with a cute little bunny on the front.. I’m thinking, Okay, whatever, $2.75, this is fine. We get home, she opens them up, and….


Nice..(said with much sarcasm) Ok, sure..there’s a little funny in this..I admit I laughed.. it might be funny if you’re in high school giving it to your bff..or leaving it on a co-workers desk for fun (my husband would do this).. but not if you’re 8. I’ve since learned that this cute little bunny is known for his rude, crude comments. Hmmm. I guess I’m not as cool as I used to be…

Boxed Valentines are pretty much targeted toward elementary kids, aren’t they? Should it not have had a “Rated-PG” sticker on it?.. or, at the least a “Hey, dumb mom, stop looking at the price and read the back”! 🙂

Can you image the teacher’s reaction if I had let her hand this out? Ooohhh, I can hear them all talking now…I’m sure I would have been called to the Principle’s Office.

I believe we’ll be sticking with our handmade valentine’s.. even if that means paying a lot more than $2.75.  Sometimes it’s just worth it!


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One response to “Why Handmade is Better than Store Bought

  1. too funny! i laughed, too.

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