knitting020609It’s a crazy thing, that knitting. So frustrating. I’ve thrown it down for the last time, oh, about five times now.. but something about it always calls me back. It consumes my crafting time.. so much so that I haven’t worked on anything else for quite some time. But I’ve learned a thing or two about this thing called knitting (but not too much).. and after an email conversation yesterday, I thought I would share it.

1. Start with small projects.. You’ll want to go big but don’t.. unless you’re just a little speedy gonzolas at knitting you’ll probably burn out before you get it done. This silly shawl I’m working on has 126 stitches on one row. DUMB. What was I thinking?

2. Regarding knit vs purl.. Honestly, I couldn’t see the difference.. I was relieved to know that my email friend had the same problem. To knit you go under the stitch (or left to right) and your new yarn is in the back of all the stitches… to purl you go over the stitch (or right to left) and the new yarn is in front of all the stitches.. they do look the same but if you alternate your stitches..purl one row and knit the next.. you’ll see the why they’ve bothered to have two.. I love the look of them together.

3. If you’re having issues casting-on you might look up the different cast-on methods.. there are plenty… I know the first one I tried didn’t work so well and set me back a whole year before I tried again.. When I did try again I went with a one needle cast-on… it’s really simple and can be done in a snap. The key is to find the one that works best for you.

4. If you’re not understanding a stitch or think you’ve got it wrong..head to YouTube.. there are lots of knitting videos.. some of them are not that great.. the instructor flies through it and you can’t make heads or tails of it.. but some of them are really good. I love The Knit Witch. She’s helped me more than any other video or books.

This is pretty much what I’ve learned so far. I’m sure that the more I learn there’s a chance that some of these things might change..for example, the cast-on..I’ve been told that different methods work better with different projects. We’ll see. But I look forward to getting my shawl done so that I can start something else, something smaller. I want to learn more stitches, maybe a button hole or two. Perhaps I’ll try a summer sweater?? Or socks.. that’s on my to-do list this year, ya know? Until next time, Happy Knitting!



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2 responses to “Knitting

  1. I’m not sure if our conversation is the one you refer to, our “conversation” helped me tremendously. I checked out the site you told me about, and she answered all my questions. I can even tell the difference between the knit and purl side now. I’m still very much in the practicing stage and find myself ripping out what I am working on after a few rows. I’ve changed yarn just to waylay boredom three times already. I sure appreciate you…and your list of suggestions. Every one of your points are very valid. Thanks, Renee.

  2. Yes, you were the inspiration behind the post… I figured if we were both having the same problems then there are surely others out there thinking the same thing and needing more help. I appreciate all your comments.. I don’t get many and often wonder if anyone is reading my posts or just looking at the pictures. 🙂 When you comment you encourage me to share more. Sometimes I think my replies are better than my posts.. ha-ha. Thanks so much for following my blog.. it means a lot!

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