A Race to the Finish Line

blanket-011309Earlier I was reading Anita’s blog where she talked of her beautiful Babette Blanket and the different ways to sew squares together. Immediately I was reminded of my black and white blanket, all stuffed in a box waiting to be finished. I started this poor thing 20 years ago. 20? How can that be? No finish line for her. She was never finished partly because I started college and I was too busy enjoying all that that offered but also because, like Anita, I was less than thrilled with the time it took to get all the pieces together…and I used the whip stitch, or “fast way”, Anita spoke of..shame on me for letting her lay there for 20 years. Looking at her now, I still love her; she’s very crisp, I think. Sigh. I’m going to have to finish her now. I can see that she’s crying out to me. Poor pitiful thing.


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One response to “A Race to the Finish Line

  1. fabulous blanket…it deserves to be completed and how satisfied you will feel when it is.

    i started a grandmother’s flower garden quilt over 25 years ago…i pulled it out two days ago to inspire myself (or guilt myself) into resuming work on it. it is close to completion…i really must “just do it”.

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