2009 – Make It Count


Crafting Goals for the New Year
Designate and clean out a space for my sewing
Make a quilt
Learn to knit socks
Learn to read crochet patterns

Decorating Goals for the New Year
Paint dining room
Buy a picture to go over my bed
Arrange bookshelves

Spiritual Goals for the New Year
Participate in at least two bible studies (outside of Sunday School class)
Update Church website more often

Personal Goals for the New Year
Strive to be a better wife & mother
Attend the ladies workout group at church

I can do this in a year’s time, can’t I? The crafting and decorating goals will be a cinch. The spiritual goals will be a little more time consuming but I can manage it. It’s the personal goals that will be tough. The wife and mother thing will be something that I will constantly have to remind myself of.. and the workout group? If I can work it into my routine I’ll be fine. I love routine! The hard part is changing the routine to include something new… because then the routine suddenly doesn’t feel like routine. I’ve heard that you need to do it for at least two weeks before it becomes a habit. We’ll see??? Wish me luck!


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