Major Undertaking! Major Improvement!

I’m back from two weeks of vacation and you’d think I’d have all kinds of little crafty things to show.. but, no. A lot of my time away was spend cleaning, the heavy duty kind. Take Goose’s playroom for example..
before (disgusting)

and after (much better – I tried to get the Clifford tent in the Goodwill pile before she spotted it.. but no can do.. shoot!).

There were things in this room that hadn’t even been unpacked from our move five years ago. And I can’t tell you the last time she actually spend more than ten minutes in here. I’d start to clean it and feel so overwhelmed that I’d quit. But finally, it’s done.

I took a full SUV load to Goodwill and still have more that needs to go, my dad helped me haul off an old couch that should have been tossed three years ago, and I’m pretty sure I heard the cities sanitation team let out a huge grown when they spotted all my garbage bags lining the street last week.

It was defiantly a major undertaking. Major improvement.


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