With Christmas Comes Family Traditions


Building a GingerBread House is one of Alyssa and her daddy’s. Every year Aaron comes in with the kit..they sit down at the kitchen table, spread out all the goodies, get the icing ready, and go at it. Some years it looks better than others. This year there was a bit of an issue with the table shaking too much. She was doing it on purpose..He was getting frustrated.. I think he rushed through it just to keep from killing her.  Still, it turned out pretty cute…. and nobody died. 🙂



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3 responses to “With Christmas Comes Family Traditions

  1. novice101

    Christ is using the voices from the margins to muster the call for worship.

    The voices from the margins are calling out to us. In the midst of our busyness and self-absorption can we hear them? Let us open our ears, our eyes, our hearts and don’t leave out the pockets either!

    Greetings from Malaysia.


  2. I love building our own family traditions. as well as honoring the ones from old. great gingerbread house. I’ll get to it sooner or later!

  3. We did gingerbread houses last night too. (Ours were made out of cardboard) I think the kids were having a competition to see who could put the most candy on their house. My nephew even stuffed candy inside his!

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