Just For Fun

I finally figured out how to make my labels. For the life of me I couldn’t “mirror the image” which happens to be a key step in the whole process. Cassie at You Go Girl was kind enough to instruct me. It was so easy, really. If you’re having the same problem, the option takes place in the print command in both Word and WordPerfect. Thanks Cassie!

I don’t really need these labels because I don’t sell my things but I thought it’d be fun the have them. They’ll bring a little smile to my face whenever I see them on something I made. It’s the little things.. you know? In the last year Sewing/Crafting has really become such a source of happiness for me. It takes me to a faraway, stress-free place. I wish I would have focused on it a long time ago. I touched on it here and there but never really stayed with it consistantly. I think I probably worried about my house staying clean more than I worried about my next project. I don’t seem to be having that problem these days. šŸ™‚


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  1. Those will add the perfect finishing touch!

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