Focus Girl! Focus!

How many times have you thought “I love doing this”..This is my FAVORITE thing to make..I’m gonna concentrate on this and get really, really good at it.” And then you pick up something else and say the exact thing about it. A little obsessive/compulsive? Maybe. It drives me crazy. I like to mix things together too. I guess I do this so that I can get it all in on one project. I’ve thought about choosing just one thing for awhile: embroidery? quilting? purse making? you name it..I thought about it. I’m not really good at any of it.. I can’t focus long enough. And to pick one.. well, that would depend on what I’m holding in my hand at the moment. More than once have I contemplated quilting being my one thing, but I really enjoy the instant gratification of quick projects and quick and quilting don’t go. My latest fascination? Knitting. I have absolutely no experience with knitting. I bought this book over a year ago. My first attempt was a bust. Yesterday I tried a different cast-on and things look a little better. I’m going for a simple cowl. We’ll see.


I guess I would say that today I’m think knitting might be my one thing..but then I haven’t stopped by to check out what Melanie at Above All Fabric has in store either. But I’m going to…See what I mean? Focus!


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