Me and the Needle

So I know what you’re thinking… what’s up with the rainbow colored hippy yarn? It’s not my favorite either, but the urge to make something was great. At the same time though, I didn’t want to be stuck up in a room by myself with the sewing machine. So I dug around in the craft closet and thought “crochet.” I had the appropriate needle but the hippy yarn was the only ball that still had enough on it to make a complete project.

It’s getting cold out so naturally I needed some slippers. Making them reminded me of my grandmother. One year for Christmas she made everyone in the family a pair. I was about 11, so of course I didn’t appreciate her efforts the way I should have. Sorry Granny. She taught me to crochet years ago and I think she probably learned to do it herself through trial and error. You can see here all the fancy stitching that I learned… these are the only stitches I know and I have no idea how to read a pattern. So much for paying attention. Sorry Granny.

Alyssa has informed me that she too needs a pair.. and guess what? She wants the rainbow colored hippy yard as well. Blah! So now I’ve got to buy some more. And I’m sure I’ll have plenty left over; she still wears a size 13 in little girls. I guess that means I’ll have to make something else with this horrid array of color inspiration. Maybe Aaron needs a scarf!? 😉



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2 responses to “Me and the Needle

  1. Betty

    the girls and i think he needs a boggin and mittens to match!

  2. Love the slipper socks! You did a great job. (And I love the “hippie colors”. Is the pattern available?

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