Collecting Bras for the Cause

October is important because it’s been set apart from all the other months to raise awareness for breast cancer and the importance of mammograms. (If you haven’t had a mammogram recently please make an appointment today) My place of employment (radio station) couldn’t wait for October 1st, we started early with our awareness campaign. We have a cancer survivor in our office. 13 years cancer-free and the biggest miracle I’ve ever seen God perform.

At work we’ve been talking about breast cancer and mammograms for weeks. Not only have we been talking, but we’ve been collecting bras as well. Yes, bras.. tons of all sizes and colors. They’ve just been hanging around the office, but today, we hung them across the outside of our building to encourage women, like you and me, to get a mammogram.

Aren’t they lovely? Wonderful women have donated their bras as part of the awareness.. and when October is over, all that we collect will be delivered to a local womens shelter, and several local companies will be donating a dollar per bra which will go to the Susan B. Komen Foundation

Did you know that while breast cancer can take years to develop, women rarely have any symptoms in the early stages. But, if breast cancer is found early with a mammogram, the five-year survival rate is 98%. 98%, come on ladies, that’s huge. Mammograms, along with clinical breast exams, are important for early detection and successful treatment.

If you are a woman under 40 with a family history of breast cancer or other concerns about your personal risk you should talk to your doctor about when to begin mammograms.

If you are a woman age 40 or older you should have a mammogram every year.

If you are a woman 65 or older your mammogram is based on your health and whether or not you have other serious illnesses. So discuss your mammogram options with your doctor.

October is an awesome month and this is a wonderful campaign, so I encourage you today to make that appointment for your mammogram. Do it! It’s important.



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2 responses to “Collecting Bras for the Cause

  1. How cool! It is awesome that your work place is supporting such a great cause! Thank you!

  2. never had one. now i want one. cool fundraiser helping 2 causes.

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