Our Weekend

This pretty much sums it up.



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5 responses to “Our Weekend

  1. I know that he is a mess, but this is such a sweet picture!

  2. That is how I want my day to be!!

  3. That cracks me up! Soooooooo needed that today!

    By the by, I don’t have your email so here is my reply to your sweet and encouraging email. Don’t laugh. I have been engaged for so many years I have lost count…honestly! My choice, not his. Hopefully we have walked the journey with grace, but have fallen on our faces much too. I just wanted to be married to a man that loved God first in a true relationship. Not weird or anything, just true. It has taken longer and more painful than I thought, but worth the wait. I have grown much too and hopefully more mature and a better person through the process. You can find a picture of him in the very first month of my blogging I think, March 07. He is a cutie – tall, dark and handsome. Smart and funny too. We are getting married the end of May 09. Keep him off my blog to just respect his privacy. Have a beautiful and smile filled weekend!

  4. He’s certainly not into any mischief now! I thought of your “peeing on the curtains” post when I saw this picture and thought what a good boy he is when he’s sleeping. He’s a beautiful dog!

  5. Oh I love the pup so much..It’s how I feel and that’s a good thing..Jennifer

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