No Boys Allowed

This one’s all girl, so lovely and pink and perfect for the girls in the house (me and Alyssa). Fat Girl Zoe’s excluded because she’s a hound dog and, well let’s face it, she stinks. And I’ve already had my talk with Drake the Big Mistake. He’s not to even look at it. These fabrics are too pretty for yuckyness.

Did I ever tell you about the time I was making curtains for my living room? It was probably a little over a year ago, before I started this blog. The curtains weren’t too special, just simple panels, but still I was making them so that says something. As I sat at my machine working away Drake runs up, pauses for a second, and then pees on one of the panels. Just like that, no warning, no nasty side glance my way, no nothing..just pee and then off he ran. It’s a little funny now that I look back on it..(pause) But not too funny. Dumb dog. He’s always in to something.

So, when I finished the Ginger Blossom quilt I knew she was going up some place high, very high. 🙂 No seriously, I love it. Not that my sewing is awesome, or the layout is perfect, or is anything that I did…I’m just in love with the fabrics. This is old news by now. These fabrics have been out for a while, but still they’re my favorites.. and just might always be.



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3 responses to “No Boys Allowed

  1. LOLOLOL……no boys allowed is right. It’s too pretty. Drake and Zoe are pretty too but they won’t appreciate Ginger Blossom as it should be appreciated so they are banned 🙂

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! You did a great job, and the fabrics are gorgeous. Your post cracked me up, ‘fat girl Zoe, and Drake the big mistake…’ hilarious. We have so many names for our pets, most of them sarcastic and demeaning… but we love them! x

  3. I love it! And I love this fabric too. I’m actually thinking about doing my daughter’s room in Ginger Blossom. Good too, since she’ll probably be 10 years older when I finish her room. 🙂 he he

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