Back On the Weight Loss Wagon

Aaron has decided to get healthy. And I’ve been thinking about it too. The whole, 40’s not that far away, you need to drop about 10 – 12 pounds..blah, blah.. I’ve decided to try and will be using my side bar as a reminder to get off the computer, off my bottom, and on to something that requires a little more energy.  So my first day, yesterday, went something like this… at lunch I got on the treadmill. I ran for 5 minutes, because that’s all I’m capable of doing without flopping over and gasping for air, and then I walked as fast as I could for another 15. I was proud… and then I ate cookie dough for dinner… Seriously people, what’s wrong with me? As my sidebar shows, I’m gonna need some help. Pray for me! 🙂


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