The Start of Second Grade

And she’s off… First offical day of second grade was yesterday.  She wore her hair as she wanted.  She picked out the outfit, the shoes, and the earrings.  She’s grown so much this summer.  This day she was excitied and scared at the same time.  Excitied to see her friends but scared because now she has to wait for class to start in the gym, something only the big kids get to do.  She’s big, but yet she still so little.  The Hello Kitty bandaid shows proof of a recent bike accident…something that happens when you’re little..but when her daddy said she was lucky she didn’t break something she told him, “There is no such thing as luck… God gives you everything you need.”  Such wise words for someone so small.  My baby is growing up.  I’m excited for her… and still a little sad for me and her daddy.



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2 responses to “The Start of Second Grade

  1. She looks so ready for second grade! What a cutie (and great first day outfit)!

  2. Jessica

    She looks SO cute!!! I love her outfit!

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