Messenger Bag

Goose wanted a new book bag for school.. not a backpack like she’s been carrying, but a messenger bag.. WooHoo! Opportunity to make something! So I found a terrific tutorial by Corinne at Heart of Mary (She has tons of awesome tutorials). Goose chose the fabric and I got to work. Of course I had to change Corinne’s tut just a bit.. can’t leave well enough alone.. I chose to use Pellon 72 as my stabilizer because I wanted to be sure it would hold its shape. This poor bag will be thrown around, pulled on, dumped on, and who knows what else. I asked the assistant at the fabric store for a little advice.. I should have known something was up the way she snickered at me. Pellon 72 is hard to manage. Finishing the edges was a nightmare.. my machine simply could not accommodate the thickness. I worked on this bag for over a week.. taking my time to pay special attention to detail. Today it is done and I have to say.. I’m pretty happy with it. Goose thinks her mama is a genius. I’ve gotten many kisses and have even heard her say that no one in the whole school will have one like hers. Good enough for me.



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3 responses to “Messenger Bag

  1. Jessica

    This is so great! I love it. And I am sure she does too!

  2. Hi Renee, Thanks for trying out the tutorial. Your bag looks great. Beautiful fabric too!

  3. so awesome!!!! Her mama is a genius 🙂 And how fun to have a unique bag for her too.

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