I Hate It When This Happens

Goose has been complaining about a tooth hurting when she eats. It doesn’t hurt all the time.. but some of the time. Hmmmm. Let’s keep in mind that her dentist record has a few negative marks.. 3 cavities, 1 filling replacement, and a few very crooked teeth due to her small mouth… And getting her to brush her teeth everyday is like, well, pulling teeth (hee-hee). So, she says her tooth hurts I’m thinking CAVITY.. I call immediately for an appointment. School’s starting in a week and I’m not fooling with all that check in, check out, donate a pint of blood, leave your left shoe, red tape. We’re getting this taken care of NOW.
So we’re there.. she’s in the chair and the dentist is digging around..“Does this hurt?” NO.. “Does that hurt?” NO.. Hmmmm. The Hygienist takes an x-ray.. and NOTHING. He thinks it might be from the pressure of her 6 year molars that have yet to come in. (She’s 7 1/2 -A late bloomer, go figure)

“Oh, just give her some Tylenol,” he says.. “and by the way, your bill is $65.

Great! 10 minutes and $65 later, I’m feeling like an idiot.

Yes, I’m glad she doesn’t have a cavity.. Yes, I’m glad he doesn’t have to pull out 10 teeth to make room for her permanents.. But seriously people… Don’t you hate it when this happens? I think I’ll make her daddy take her next time.  🙂


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One response to “I Hate It When This Happens

  1. Jessica

    I love this picture of her! It is so cute!

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