How Lil Miss Singer Got Her Way

A couple months ago I ran across someone blogging about sewing machine accessories, a subject I really know nothing about. So when I read that different machines required different bobbins I sat up and took note.

You mean to tell me that Lil Miss Singer might not have exactly what she needs? Well, this will never do.

So, of course, I jotted down her number type (Singer Adv. 7244) and shoved it in my purse so that the next time I was visiting Hancock Fabrics I could pick up what we needed.

Now keep in mind that Lil Miss Singer was not whining or crying out that she needed anything special. Oh, completely on the contrary..In fact, she was behaving quite nicely. But, you know, Lil Miss deserves the best..So, Mama’s gonna get her the best.

I found the selection of bobbins and sure enough there were several to choose from. I read the backs of all of them, making sure that Singer 7244 was listed.. Only one type included her name..So I grabbed them up with a smile on my face…strolled to the counter feeling quite proud of myself, I must say.

Got ’em home, tried ’em out, and wouldn’t you know… Lil Miss Singer hated them.   H-A-T-E-D   T-H-E-M!   Spit thread all over the place and screamed all kinds of nasty rattles.

Well, you can imagine my distress… Needless to say, Mama got busy. I messed with the tension for a while but.. Lil Miss wasn’t having it. (stubborn, finicky, spoiled rotten, hot head!)

In the end, Lil Miss Singer got her way…the new bobbins are gone and we’re back to whatever it is that we’ve been using thus far. Problem is, Mama really needs more bobbins…



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2 responses to “How Lil Miss Singer Got Her Way

  1. I feel your pain. I’ve seen the great array of specialty bobbins at Hancock and wondered if they had one for my machine and if so, how their clone for my machine would work…but haven’t tried them. Now I may not. I’ve got a Baby Lock Ellegante II, and it took (literally) 6 months for my dealer to get the extra bobbins I wanted. I started out with 10…That’s just not enough. When she finally got bobbins in I bought 20 more.

    What was the problem with the Hancock bobbins? Obviously it was more than a temper tantrum. 🙂

  2. Goosie Girl

    I don’t really know why she hated them. The tension was all wrong.. way too loose and when I tightened it the tread sounded as if if was hanging on something.. and you could hear it kind of spinning in there. Hard to explain. I tried it several times but no improvement.. Then I put in an old bobbin and she sound perfect again. ????

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