Me & Nora

Not much craftiness going on at my house these days. I’ve been hiding out here and there with Nora… You remember Ms. Roberts, don’t you, my all time favorite author? As much as I love to read, I curse myself every time I start a new book. Why, you ask…If I love to read and I’ve been reading, what’s the problem? The problem is, I’m not getting anything else accomplished. The sewing machine has barely been turned on, my Friday evening project hasn’t been touched, my house needs a really good vacuuming, and don’t even ask me about my flower beds. Blah.

I just finished Angels Falls, which was really good, but I refuse to start another book, even though I have three calling my name. I’M NOT GOING TO DO IT…at least not today.



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2 responses to “Me & Nora

  1. Hey Goosie,
    Does Roberts use profanity in her writing? Just curious. It’s rare to find a decent author who doesn’t anymore.

  2. Goosie Girl

    Unfortunately, yes. She does use a little profanity and there is, in some of her books, some pretty explicit sex descriptions. I’m glad you asked that question. She is not an author any teenager needs to read.

    The reason I enjoy her so much is because, to me, her books are more than just “a story”.. I love the perfect placement of her words and finding the tiny hidden clues throughout them that eventually lead me to the conclusion. She is rarely ever predictable… For me, that is a good read.

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