No Pressure Baby Shoes

These little baby shoes will be on an airplane tomorrow headed for Colorado. It’s a small gift for the daughter of a really good friend of mine. I’ve known the grandma-to-be for 14 years and she actually hosted my baby shower. So, truthfully this gift was really for her to open. For most people who don’t sew, you could give them a strip of material with some rick-rack attached, and as long as it was pretty to the eye and they didn’t pay money for it, they’ll call it a blanket and love it forever. Kind of takes the pressure off.   😉



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3 responses to “No Pressure Baby Shoes

  1. Absolutely adorable, Goosie Girl!
    Did you use Heather’s pattern…or Martha’s…or another?

    How would you rate making these little shoes as far as ease goes? and time?

    Your friend’s daughter will be pleased…and your friend will feel so loved.

  2. Goosie Girl

    Hi Judy
    I actually ripped an old pair of baby shoes apart and used that as my pattern. They were easy as pie…less than an hour to cut and sew together I’d say. If you’re interested I’ll try my hand at making a pdf file and posting it. Just let me know.

  3. These are so sweet. I love the little detail. Nicely embellished. I found my way here thanks to “pretty little things”.

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