Ugh. I’m freaking out a bit. No pretty pictures or fun crafty stuff on this post. I just realized that we only have a month left of summer vacation and then we’re back to school. My heart jumps even to think about it. One month and then we’re rushing around trying to fit it all in… mornings filled with dressing, fixing, stomach issues and so on… and evenings consisting of dinner, bath, homework and bed. That’s it.. that is the time I will have with my daughter for five of the seven days each week while school is in session. I hate it. And because it’s all rushed and I’m usually frustrated by that I’m constantly hearing myself say, Hurry up…Hurry up! I know it’s important for our kids to learn and for parents to be involved but I have a confession… I hate homework. Hate it! We’re pushing to keep up with “The Standard,” not only the state’s but the world’s. And I do think this is important, but at the same time I have to fight myself from saying, Look teacher, you get 7 hours a day with her.. the sitter (my mom) get’s a little more than 2 and her dad and I get 5. Can you not be Teacher and let me be Mom? I know, I know, being Mom is being Teacher.. and being Cook, Chauffeur, Nurse, Provider, all of those things.. but it’s tough. I guess what it all boils down to is time. Something I’ve learned through advertising is that the majority of women focus most of their energy on family, relationships, health and… time. The first three are huge.. the last one, well, it’s just a juggling act that causes way too much stress which will eventually cause the first three to suffer. Such a vicious cycle.. But I’ve gotten off track… School is approaching..and all I can think about is grabbing her up and hiding her away. Oh, if only there were more time. One month, four short weeks, and then we’re back to meeting the standard. I’m already dreading it.. profusely.



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4 responses to “Confession

  1. Amen, sister. Amen.

    My oldest starts 5th grade on August 20 and I’m so dreading it. I know the homework is going to be much worse this year.

  2. I can’t believe it’s 1/2 over. My son starts 6th, and I have one last year with my Mia before Kindergarten. Time flies!

  3. My heart goes out to moms of young children. Goosie Girl, you are so right. Schools seem to get the best part of our children’s lives when they are young. Something about that is way out of balance…and very sad.

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