What’s Up With Men and Fireworks?

My husband is a pyromaniac. Every year at our 4th of July cookout he does this… buys way too many fireworks and then says, “It’s for the kids.” This statement is so not true… It’s not for the kids… It’s for the MEN. The kids get up and leave half way through the whole ordeal to go play and the wives are left sitting around gagging on all the smoke that has accumulated from the countless explosions that will ring in our ears for the next two weeks.

Ten minutes. That’s all we need. 30 to 45 minutes is just a waste of time… and money.. way too much money

Fireworks, Explosions… It’s a man thing…I don’t get it.

This one is kinda cute though.

Have a Happy 4th everyone! Here’s wishing you 10 minutes of a spectacular fireworks extravaganza. Enjoy the show.. and be emotionally moved by the reason for it.


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