A Note To Hubby

Dear Hot Stuff,

Have a look…

Oh, what is that?… Can it be? Oh yes, I believe it is… Blood. Blood, I tell you. Now, if that ain’t true love then I don’t know what is. I have to say that yes, I do enjoy tending to the little things that make our life ours but at this point it should be clear that I am way over tending to these crappy jeans of yours. Two pair and three pockets (one pocket twice) later I’ve come to the conclusion that you really need to stick with Levi. If the pockets rip on these again, please toss them in the trash and feel free to stop by the mall a pick up a decent pair of jeans. Much love to my wonderful and thoughtful husband.

Your loving wife,


PS. Your butt looks really good in Levi too! šŸ™‚


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