I’ve Been Reading

It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a book and read the whole thing through, at least a year. I’ve tried a time or two but always seemed to be distracted before I made it past chapter 2. But yesterday was different (There’s a nasty stomach virus story involved that I won’t bore you with.) My favorite author is Nora Roberts. She has just the right amount of romance, crime, suspense, adventure and so on for my liking. She has this way of telling you what you want to know in just a sentence or two… Adjective Perfectionist I tell ya. And the best part, I can’t always guess who “done it.” This for me is her greatest ability as a writer… she can pick the unsuspected as the culprit but still it makes perfect sense that he/she actually had the motive to commit the crime. In other words, she’s not just throwing someone in the mix to surprise you at the end. If you like an easy romance that’s not too mussy and has a little bit of suspense you should read Nora Roberts… I love her. Northern Lights or Montana Sky are two of my favorite choices.


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