Out of Sight

If you were to visit my house you might open my cabinets and bowls would roll out at you…And that’d be okay. If you’re comfortable enough to be going through my cabinets than you probably know me well enough to expect a few flying bowls anyway, right? But one thing I would not let you see at my home, unless it was a really crazy day, is a bunch of clutter laying around… I keep that stuff hidden.

I love scrapbooking materials.. the paper, ribbons, stickers, all that stuff. It’s all so pretty. But you’ll never catch me putting all that stuff in a photo album. I just don’t get that.. you work so hard and spend so much money on something that is rarely ever even looked at. Not for me. Instead I try to find other uses for all those pretty materials…

And inside… the hidden stuff that I need to throw away don’t want you to see.


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One response to “Out of Sight

  1. What a great idea…attractive storage that can sit out and be accessible.

    Like you, I buy scrapbook supplies for other purposes. I like to scrapbook, but I like to do other creative things (sewing, mostly) so much more that I rarely get to the scrapbook.

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