Step. What Step?

Monday night Aaron had a softball game that started at 9:30pm. A year ago this would have been no problem but lately Show-Dog Drake seems to be having some anxiety issues when Daddy is gone. He barks at every, and I do mean every, car that drives by the house and he runs up and down the stairs about every five minutes.. “Is that him. Is that him?” After a while fat-girl Zoe gets in on the act and there goes any sleep that I might get.

Here’s some pictures of them.. sleeping.

So anyway, Monday at about 11:20pm I hear the distinct sound of a hound dog barking outside my window. This would be Zoe. After about 5 minutes or so she’s still barking. So I’m mad at this point and decide that I’d better go yell at her. Down the stairs I go and for some reason, maybe the lack of light, I miss the last step. I fall directly on my knees and stop my face from hitting the tile by about two inches. (Thank you Lord for sparing me new front teeth.) I would have just laid there and cried if it hadn’t been for that nagging sound of the hound dog and the worry that every neighbor would hate us if I didn’t get her to shut up immediately. Why is it that my dogs are trouble makers? So here is the damage today. Try not to let the sight of my fat, white legs gag you.


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  1. Your dogs are so cute, but seem to cause a lot of trouble. They sound just like mine!
    By the way, I like the new header on your blog.

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