Plain-Jane Sundress

I have finally made something Goose will wear. I know this is not exciting to anyone but me but truly it makes me happy. I can’t tell you the things that I’ve made that are hanging in her closet only to be worn when I absolutely make her wear them. And yet yesterday, with nobody forcing her, she put on this little plain-jane sundress and strutted around like she was a supermodel.

Oh, this girl of mine. I not so sure about her. She doesn’t like stripes, flowered prints, tye-dye or collars. It’s no wonder I can’t satisfy her. But we found a pattern (New Look #6478) and some fabric that she liked. And to my amazement she still liked them even after I had put them together to make the dress. This has never happened before. EVER.

Now, in the past I have said that I hate patterns. But here’s the truth, it’s not so much the patterns that I hate but the cutting of the patterns. It’s like pulling teeth. You have to be so careful not to tear them, you have to squint to stay on the correct line, and for some reason it seems like cutting the pattern takes, like, 18 times longer than cutting the actual fabric. Why is this? I tell ya, this one task is the only reason I have shunned patterns. But now that I have it cut, and she likes it, I think I will make a couple more.. in bright solid fabrics only. 😉


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