Warmer Weather = Better Attitude

Yesterday was so beautiful. We all just hung out outside doing much of nothing in our shorts and flipflops. Well, except for Aaron. Poor guy worked in the garage most of the day trying to get Goose’s four-wheeler running properly. Goose and I gathered up all our outside pretties and placed them back in the flowerbeds for the summer. We played on the swings for awhile, she washed her bike and then her scooter, and then finally took a little spin on her four-wheeler.

I have to say the warmer weather is good for me. I’m starting to think about flowers again. I like a sparse cottage-feel garden. It’s too late to start seeds now but I plan on buying a bunch of geraniums to pot for the porch and maybe some snapdragons and petunias for the beds. Some of my Perennials are already starting to show their heads and this has me excited. I don’t know about you but warmer weather just seems to perk up my attitude.


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