I’m a Murderer

plant 1


What happened? I guess my green thumb has been a little too busy sewing that I’ve forgotten my other jobs, like keeping my plants alive and healthy. You remember her from Valentine’s day, right? The beautiful, flowering bundle of love? She was coming along fine until I transplanted her. One day, pretty blooms, the next day… on her way to the grave.


And this little succulent.


plant 2


Poor thing. A succulent – this means they store lots water, not requires lots of water.. I know this. But, it is my routine (I’m a stickler for routine) to water my plants once a week, on Saturday, no matter. Well, I moved her to a new place a couple months ago. She wasn’t getting a whole lot of sun and actually wasn’t growing much at all but I kept watering her, and watering her. Yes, I felt the soil. It was damp but I thought, well, just a little won’t hurt…I watered her too much. I know I did. And now she’s dead.

I had plans for these girls. Once the weather warmed up a little they both were headed for the front porch. It’s a shame and I feel guilty for it. I’m beginning to think I’m loosing my gardening drive. As of date, I have no seedlings started. None. I usually love picking out seeds, tending to them, planning for their new homes outside. But recently I’ve been obsessed with sewing and crafting. I have all these things in my head that I want to make, a dress and headband for Alyssa, a quilt. Actually, I’ve been thinking of a series of quilts. I MUST kill that idea NOW. I’d be stupid to take on a series. 3 years from now I’d still be trying to finish those up. And I still haven’t made that plaque to hang above my stove and the recipe book that I talked about way back when.

And worse than all this frustration that I’ve placed upon myself, my house is a pigpen. I have things pushed up against the walls in my bedroom. Not one wall but ALL the walls. I need to finish taking the border down and paint, Alyssa’s playroom is way out of hand, and I have things I need to price for a yard sale.

Aaahhhh! Excuse me while I go and have a nervous breakdown.




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2 responses to “I’m a Murderer

  1. frugalwench

    Awww…I’m so sorry your plant died, but it’s an annual, and it would have died anyway. Maybe it’s not so dead. Try to give it a little sunshine.

    I’m a horticulturist, so I know these things. The #1 cause of potted plant death is overwatering. This is the rule: Stick you finger into the soil up the the second knuckle (I know, eeewww!, but it’s necessary). If it’s dry, water it. If not, leave it alone. I killed many plants before someone taught me this trick.

  2. steph

    I just want to tell you, you are a unique and sweet person. God has given you talent obviously. I just want to say I love you and I’m glad we are friends! Love Steph&kids…Chad too. See ya May 10th!

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