Mother of the Year Award

Oh, not me of course. My friend Tabitha. Let me tell you what this remarkable mother pulled off this weekend. Are you ready for this? She had a slumber party for her second child, Katie. Now, keep in mind that this woman has four children, all girls, no less. Ages starting at 9 and ending at 4. Now, this slumber party was not your ordinary typical slumber party, this slumber party was the slumber party of all slumber parties. She had nineteen, yes nineteen, little girls spend the night with her. Can you imagine? I’d still be trying to pull myself out from underneath the couch if I even thought about doing something this crazy. She had some help from her two sister, but still. And I was informed that there was no fighting and no crying. WOW. Here’s to Tabitha, the worlds greatest mom.


So, what did I do while my child was away partying? Let’s see…

Here’s the fabric…

green fabric


Here’s the book…

Sew What

And here’s the skirt.

green skirt


(big huge happy sigh..) That was the best slumber party EVER!




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2 responses to “Mother of the Year Award

  1. Dionne

    I know this is a little late but I love the fabric that you used for this skirt. I recently found this book in my book pile and I’m planning to make some of the skirts in the book. Very nice job!

  2. *I happily welcome any comment..much better late than never! Thank you! I love this fabric too. I got it at Hancocks last year some was on the discount table so it had been around a little while before I bought it.. it’s actually decorators fabric..this way I don’t have to wear a slip ;). Sorry to say that I don’t know who the designer is though. If you haven’t already worked from your Sew What Skirts I think you’ll love how easy it is to put a skirt together. It’s an awesome book. Thanks again for the comment! *

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