Big Time Quilting Bug

One year for Christmas, several years back, Aaron bought me a bunch of quilting supplies: How-to books, cutting mats, cutting wheel, pins.. Pretty much everything I could possibly need to make a quilt. (Have I ever mention that Aaron is a great gift buyer? Truly, both he and my dad are awesome at it.) I had the quilting bug big-time. And with all the great supplies that he bought me I was able to make this…

bear claw quilt


bear claw stars

The top was sewn on a machine but the rest was all hand stitched. And something unexpected, I embroidered stars. Not normally done when quilting, I know, but it definitely made it mine. I think I’d like to make another one sometime soon. Something that’s a lot brighter, a little smaller, and maybe some applique. I’ve never been very successful with applique. I was reading Fat Orange Cat a while back and found this to be helpful. And I like the idea on machine quilting from Craft Apple. I just have to finish up a few of my other projects and then I’m going to give it a try. If anyone else has something they think would be of help please drop me a note.


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One response to “Big Time Quilting Bug

  1. Beautiful quilt! I love the simple blue and white.

    In fact, take a look at this flickr group just for two-color quilts:

    If your photos are on flickr, be sure to add yours to the group!

    Just found your blog from the Dear Baby Jane site.

    – Jen

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