Project 1 – Pillow Talk



A little blue felt and some Mary Engelbreit inspiration and I have myself two new front porch pillows. I’ve been planning these babies for awhile now. I wanted something new to go with the wreath I made some time back. Don’t ya just love felt? I highly recommend it to anyone who is just starting to experiment with fabrics. There are no worries about fraying edges, the stuff is so inexpensive, and you can get it just about anywhere. Sheets of felt for small projects can be picked it up at Wal-mart. As you can see in my previous post, I got the main pillow felt from Hancock Fabrics from a bolt but all the rest? It came from either Wal-mart or Ben Franklin Crafts. Easy, easy, easy. I’m happy with the way my pillows turned out. My only problem? Keeping one of our dogs from running off with them. I know it’s gonna happen. I’ve let him smell them, I’ve told him “No,” but trust me, it’s gonna happen. How do I know? Well let’s see, as I was saying “No” he grabbed a small wooden bird house from a porch bench a took off with it. I love him but shooo, talk about trying one’s patience.
And since I’ve brought up the subject of my dogs, here’s a couple of pics of both of them. Our labrador, Drake whom is a thief and our bassett, Zoe, the family lover. And of course I have nicknames for them. That pretty much describes the both to a T. Adorable, aren’t they?




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2 responses to “Project 1 – Pillow Talk

  1. moose845

    I love your pillows. Very cute. My dog, Jake, is just like your Drake. Hey, their names rhyme! I have three bloodhounds. Jake’s the youngest and into everything. I think he’s going through his rebellious teenage years. Good luck keeping your pillows safely on the porch.

  2. Jessica

    These pillows are so great! I love them! Great Job!

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