Terrific Weekend

I found this material last summer and fell in love with it.

blue fabric

HAD TO HAVE IT. But didn’t have a clue as to what I’d make with it… Maybe something for Alyssa? Oh wait, she wouldn’t wear it. That’s right, she never wears anything I make for her. Then what? I’ve pondered this question for months. Hmmm. Then, some time last week I stumbled upon Frogginette and found this way too cute, too easy bag. Love it. Frogginette found it here, a wonderful French blog, and with a little babelfish I found out that she found it at this amazing blog (just so everyone gets credit on this).With all three to look at the instructions were far easier to understand. And it’s true what they say, it only takes about an hour. Yeah! I think it shall be my grab-it-and-go summer bag.

summer bag

Other terrific news on the family front… Alyssa learned to ride her bike yesterday without the help of training wheels. She was ever so proud.

aaron & alyssa bikes

We’ve had those training wheels off and on again probably three times. Yesterday was the right day I guess…Aaron took ’em off and she hopped on and took off. No problems. That is until Drake, our rambunctious Labrador, decided to chase her. I wasn’t witness to it but I heard he jumped in front of her, trying to bite her tire I’m guessing, and she flipped over her handlebars. He must have broke her fall because I didn’t hear any cries and spotted no tears. She was just a little mad at him. And I’m sure she spanked his butt for it. So cute, because this usually seems to make him even more mischievous than if she’d just left him alone. Poor Drake, just trying to have some fun.


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