Goose Lost a Tooth!!!

I first must tell those of you out there that do not know me and my family… My daughter, Alyssa, is known to me and her father as Goose, or Goosie Girl. She was given this little nickname before she ever made it out of the hospital. It came about because of breastfeeding, a sleeping baby, tickling, and a whole lot of squirming. So, with that being said, back to: Goose Lost a Tooth!!!

the tooth


Yes, it’s true! And this is big news in our household. Poor baby has been waiting for this day (February 28, 2008) for a year. She is officially the last person in her class to loose a tooth, the very last one I tell ya. The Tooth-Fairy slipped her 10 bucks for it and now she’s so excited she’s giddy.

Alyssa minus a tooth


This is how it all went down… Her tooth has been loose for two weeks or more but I wouldn’t let her really work on pulling it out because the: Flu, Stomach Virus, Pneumonia, and Strep have been running through her school like wildfire. I didn’t think putting her hands in her mouth was such a good idea and evidently she didn’t either because she actually listened to my instruction for a change. So last night her daddy comes home and they’re jumping around and playing when she goes for his back to catch a little horse ride. And BAM, her mouth somehow rams into his back, her tooth rakes his shirt, and the deed is done…Goose lost her first tooth. Whahoo! Big day!


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  1. Jessica

    Her tooth fairy is a lot more generous than mine was! I used to get a quarter. A dollar at best!

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